It’s Homecoming for both Danville high schools this weekend, with the dances tonight and the football games last night. Monte Vista’s football team played undefeated Foothill High and lost 35-27 and San Ramon Valley HS played Livermore HS with a 49-28 victory.

When people are relocating to Alamo and Danville from other parts of the country, they often ask me, “which high school is better?” Sounds like a simple question, but they never get a short answer.  In Alamo, the freeway is the dividing line for the two high schools so the kids leaving Stone Valley Middle are split between Monte Vista and San Ramon Valley.  For years, the 8th graders would apply in a pack to transfer to one school or the other, keeping the friend group together. Both schools are very highly rated in every aspect, so you would see a group all going to San Ramon Valley and another group heading to Monte Vista.  But then one year, San Ramon Valley was impacted and turned down all the requests.  Since then, the transfers still occur but no longer with the same confidence.

Other middle schools don’t have the same issue: all of Charlotte Wood rolls into San Ramon Valley, all of Los Cerros rolls into Monte Vista. San Ramon Valley and Monte Vista have a strong rivalry, but they also have a great friendship.  Before a tennis match, for example, you’ll see half the girls greeting each other with hugs before they start to play.

So – I always explain that while you “can’t go wrong either way,” the one thing that SRVHS has that Monte Vista can’t duplicate is the charming Homecoming Parade.

Yesterday at 2:30 or so, the SRVHS Homecoming Parade marched through downtown Danville.  Each class has an elaborate float, always fabulously constructed with a clever theme, and all the sports teams are in the parade. It’s like stepping back in time: Beaver Cleaver’s high school would have had such a parade. The parade does a small circle through downtown Danville, and the restaurants like Pete’s Brass Rail and Norm’s Place are crowded with green and gold patrons.  I enjoyed the parade from Revel, which is normally not open until 4pm, but opened early for the event.

I always invite my friends with kids at Monte Vista because everyone enjoys a good parade (and with cocktails at Revel on offer, how can you go wrong?).  It is seriously the 2nd cutest day of the year in Darling Downtown Danville.  Nothing can top our festive 4th of July, but this comes close.